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Our Teacher

Veronica Oliva-Clour, director and teacher, has over twenty-five years of professional experience working with young children. She is holds a BA in Psychology and is licensed as a Minnesota Pre-K teacher.

Educator's Statement of Purpose

"It is with deepest reverence for children, the earth, and the spiritual essence of life that I seek to meet developmental and age appropriate goals through creativity and a love for learning. My educational philosophy is based upon an understanding of the gradual unfolding of the child’s capacities for thinking, feeling and willing and the educational process of engaging the young child’s head, heart and hands towards a healthy balance. My purpose is to educate children that have confidence in themselves and can meet the challenge of a complex and ever-changing world." -Veronica Oliva-Clour


"Little House is a place that nourishes the whole child — from the inside out. Children are loved for being who they are — wiggly, adventurous, shy, inquisitive and everything in between. They are guided to discover what it means to interact with the world through play with other children on the same journey, with a great emphasis on wonder and the outdoors. It has been the perfect place for my spirited son who seems truly more fulfilled when he is going to Little House. This is both because of the beauty of Waldorf and because of the genuine love Veronica has for her students."

-Brooke Walsh, Mother

"What a joy to observe the children at Little House as they learn about life in a myriad of ways!  Among the opportunities are wisely-supervised free play, outdoor time for play and activities including gardening and nature walks, circle time with songs, stories, fairy tales, and puppet plays, and art work with an emphasis on watercolor.  Veronica Oliva-Clour, who is called "Miss Veronica" by the children, creates an atmosphere of love and wisdom, drawing from her deep understanding of child development.

In our present culture children are subjected to so many influences which are antagonistic to their true nature.  It is reassuring to know that at rare places such as Little House, children are recognized in their individual uniqueness and nurtured in ways so that they can bring their gifts forth to the world. On a personal note, I have been inspired by what I have learned through observing and volunteering at Little House.  I have four preschool-age granddaughters and how they love to hear fairy tales, go for hikes in the woods, have tea parties, do watercolors, and build silk scarf houses with Grandma Carol." 

-Carol Nichol, Retired Psychologist and Grateful Grandmother

"Veronica pays such careful attention to the needs of every child in her care. She teaches them patience and a deep reverence for nature. She keeps them active and challenges them to channel their never ending energy into meaningful experiences. My son has discovered courage within himself and is growing into such a beautiful human being. I know this partly due to Veronica's nurturing environment. Little House brings consistency, peace and balance to our lives."

-Katrina Pierson, Mother

"As a psychologist interested in life-long development, I am well aware of how important early experiences are for the whole of human development.  Home life is, of course, the most important of these early experiences.  But, a preschool run along the lines of Waldorf education is a close second.  I really don't know of any experiences outside the home that would be a better preschool experience.  Veronica's deep understanding of Waldorf education and her love of young children combine to create an environment that parents who deeply care about their children would want for them."      

-James Ulness, Ph.D.

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